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TBH Coil Calculator

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Allows you to select the wire you will be using to build with and other key factors to determine the resistance of a build in a rebuild-able atomizer. By using the target function and selecting your wire you can simply type in the resistance you want to be at and hit target and Coil Calculator will tell you what build will get you there.Coil calculator includes not only Kanthal from gauges 16 - 34, ribbon as well, but Nichrome 80 and 60 from 16 - 34 as well. Other specialty wires that are included are GPlat, Royal, and Anarchy.
*As of now the twisted portion of the calculator is experimental and assumes tightly twisted wires.*Coil Calculator does not assume any build you create is safe. Further research by the end user will be needed to determine this.*Coil Calculator is not a substitute for an ohm reader due to it's inability to check for shorts in the builds.